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Your Cleaning Guide to Hardwood Floor and Luxury Vinyl (LVT and LVP)

Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floor and Luxury Vinyl Flooring | Floors Plus

A clean home is a happy home, right?

With today’s focus on keeping your living spaces clean and healthy, the need for a frequent deep clean is essential. If you have a family of youngsters or a house of furry companions, you know it’s relatively impossible to keep your floors clean 24/7, despite how much you try!

Using the wrong products or approaches can damage your floors and decrease their overall performance. But – with the proper method, your brand-new flooring can maintain its high-quality standard and last for many years to come.

General tips for keeping your flooring FRESH…


  • Get in the habit of sweeping or dusting daily and vacuuming/mopping weekly.
  • Clean high-traffic areas with a Finitec microfiber mop twice each month.
  • Clean regularly with trustworthy tools like the Finitec hardwood floor cleaner!


  • Oil-based cleaners
  • Wax applied directly to hardwood floor
  • Classic citrus cleaners or those with essential oils
  • 2-in-1 products

Some cleaners contain detergents or high degrees of alkalinity that will leave an oil or soapy film on the floor surface. As this holds dirt on your floors, the layers left by the cleaner are creating a build-up over time, creating a permanent coat on your floor.

FloorsPlus Finitec Products offer a high-performing cleaning product line adapted to the different flooring options available at our warehouse. In addition to being waterborne, this line is offered with different odours and leaves no traces or residues behind.


Your floor cleaner should be a non-abrasive option that won’t leave streaks behind and is safe for your health and environment, such as Finitec cleaners.

You might consider one of these high-quality options:

1. Complete care system for laminate and hardwood floors

This system is non-toxic, making it safe for pets and children in your home.

It includes:

  • A 700 mL cleaner for wood and laminate floors
  • 4x 33 mL ultra-concentrated refill bottles
  • A telescopic handle
  • A reversible mop AND mop cover

2. Hardwood and laminate floor cleaner

This floor cleaner comes in a 700 mL bottle and includes a 33 mL refill of ultra-concentrated cleaner. You can count on no streaks or residue, and there is no need for a rinse after usage!

This wood and laminate floor cleaner is recommended to clean the following surfaces: hardwood, laminate, parquet, cork, bamboo, and ceramic

Features include:

  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Frosty flowers fragrance
  • Non-slippery
  • Dye-free and phosphate-free
  • Containers made of plastic are partly recycled and recyclable

3. Ultra-concentrated cleaner for laminate and hardwood floor maintenance

This Finitec ULTRA-CONCENTRATED cleaner comes with 4 recyclable bottles of 33 mL each.

Features include:

  • Safe for pets and children
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Gives 4 x 700 mL of ready-to-use cleaner


Step 2: CLEAN or MOP with FloorsPlus Finitec microfiber

When surface dust has been collected, it’s time to use a Finitec microfiber mop AND hardwood floor cleaner to disinfect your flooring. Be sure to spray cleaner directly on your mop, so it is just slightly damp and not sopping wet.

For more general tips, you can check out our care and maintenance guide, formulated by Floors Plus experts, for more best practices to keep your floors flawless!

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