In the mid-80’s, a young Halifax couple by the name of Larry and Pat Gibson had just been informed that the national company they had worked for was closing its doors. They were left with the decision to find a job with someone else or venture out on their own. Taking the proverbial leap proved to be worth the risk.
Passionate to succeed, the Gibson’s put their heart and soul into every facet of the business in those early days and still maintain that approach today, by continuing to be as hands-on as they were then.

In 1992, they hired Francis Chisholm, a quick-witted SMU grad with drive akin to their own. Francis has been part of the family ever since, and while involved in many areas of the organization, he became a partial owner in 2007.


Unlike some partnerships, the Gibsons had that conservative/risk ratio down to a science. One expense that had Patsy pulling out her hair yet Larry insisting on, was a cellular phone. Back in the late eighties, a cellular phone needed its own briefcase and cost a small fortune to even make a call.
A local university, disgruntled with their current absentee service declared,

If you can be here in 30 minutes you can submit your quote.

Having mobile technology at the time allowed them to make this possible. For a small start-up, this was a big opportunity that proved to be a turning point in their career. By securing a client as prestigious and viable as a university, further doors opened and the days of just a young couple and a sawhorse were soon behind them.


Originally know as Install-A-Flor, Floors Plus had two locations and provided commercial flooring products to HRM and Moncton/Dieppe areas. After demand for residential applications from the owners and employees of the commercial spaces in which Floors Plus was installing, a retail chain was born. The Floors Plus retail location opened in Burnside beside their head office and stands today along with 5 other maritime stores located in Dartmouth, Halifax, Truro, Cambridge and Moncton/Dieppe.

Realizing that some Nova Scotians enjoy the Do-it-Yourself aspect of home renovations, a cash and carry locations was opened in 2000 in Dartmouth and 2011 in Bridgewater. they are both expansive areas with thousands of square feet full of many kinds of flooring and flooring accessories.

To compliment their flooring offerings, Floors Plus entered the arena of Granite, Quartz and Stone Countertops and Custom Window Coverings with their state of the art Hunter Douglas Master Gallery.


Never completely satisfied with the products available, Larry was continually on the lookout globally for the newest products that he could bring home to his native Nova Scotia. Dantra, named after his children Daniel and Tracy, was created to bring some of the beauty and uniqueness back that he was experiencing abroad which was unavailable in the Atlantic Province. Dantra now currently imports and exports worldwide and has numerous products above and beyond its original sector of flooring.



Not a company to stand still, Style 52 was added to the stable of companies to provide a different furniture experience to the Atlantic Canadian Market. Bringing a flare for the contemporary, Style 52 offers you the style you want, across both domestic and commercial needs.



As the flooring landscape has been changing, we have refocused each of our retail stores to fit the evolving needs of our customers. We continually draw on our market expertise and connections to source new, interesting, and unique products from around the globe to our consumer stores for you to discover and enjoy. Our business over the past few years has been active, diversifying, and growing to serve you better and we look forward to our ongoing relationship for years to come.

Plan your visit to one of our stores today so you can experience first-hand the PLUS – the Floors Plus advantage!


Locally Owned & Operated Since 1988

Larry Gibson


Pat Gibson

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Francis Chisholm

VP of Sales & Operations

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