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Best Flooring Types for Common Areas in Your Home!

Are you in the market for anew flooring type for your kitchen or bathroom? Maybe you’ve justmoved into a new home,and you’re looking to make the space your own.

Whatever the case, there is always room for choice and creativity when choosing flooring for your home, even when it’s a high traffic/high spillage area. When you need the best flooring for a specific home space, we know you have questions about which products are right for the task, so we’re diving into which ones will give you the results you want and need, read along to find out more.

The Entryway and Kitchen

Whether you’re dealing with the kid’s muddy shoes, dripping from raincoats, spillage or ingredients from your favourite meals, both entryway and kitchen flooring must withstand moisture, dirt, and potential damage from the outdoors.

Hardwood flooring is a widely used aesthetic choice, but it may not stand well in an entryway or kitchen space. In general, wood floors damage easier than other materials, and with very few exceptions, foot traffic can be tough on the finish.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is a durable option with many different styles to fit your space. They are waterproof, scratch resistant, and can withstand the late mornings when rushing the kids to school. 

The Living Room

Before a room can be decorated or furnished, it must have a reliable floor. Your living room represents relaxation, family time, and comfort, it should have a flooring type that will set the stage for many years of beauty, durability, and comfort.

Living rooms are not areas known to be prone to spills or damage. That’s why hardwood flooring is an attractive, long lasting, and sturdy choice for the living area.

Although the best hardwood floors require plenty of care to keep them looking fresh, different finishes exist  that can extend the life of a wood floor. Hardwood is also easily repaired by sanding and refinishing imperfections that arise over time.

The Bedroom

The flooring type you choose for your home’s bedrooms might depend on who is occupying them – kids, teenagers, or just adults. How many bedrooms are there? Are you concerned about water damage?

If you’re on a budget, sheet vinyl will be a great choice in your bedrooms due to its general durability, inexpensive price point, and waterproofing abilities. Vinyl is tough, warm underfoot, sound-absorbing, easy to clean, and comes in various designs and colours.

What are you looking for?

Our professional flooring team is ready to help you choose your ideal flooring type for those common areas in your home. Let’s discuss your needs in more detail when you visit us at one of our showroom locations, stop by any time to get started!

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