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Your Canadian Flooring Pre-Installation Checklist


To properly prepare yourself and your home for the installation of your new dream living flooring, our flooring experts have put together a checklist to ensure you are fully prepared for the installation. Please read the information below and follow our recommendations before, during, and after the process is complete.


If furniture removal is included in our contract with the installation, we will gladly clear your space after you have removed breakable items such as lamps, pictures, dishes, or books. Remember, these types of items should also be removed from the floors of closets. We do not move items such as artwork, antiques, computers, electronics, beds, TVs, pool tables, etc.


Door removal may be necessary for installation, and we will rehang them if possible. Our installers will also trim the doors, if possible, but a carpenter may be required, and additional charges will apply.


Any new unfinished quarter round or base molding should be painted or stained at least 24 hours prior to installation. Existing baseboard or quarter round can be removed, however, it is often brittle from age and/or dried out, so Floors Plus is not responsible for breakage or replacement.


Your floor may, or may not, require seams, and they are not completely invisible.


Appliances should be disengaged by the homeowner before Floors Plus installers will move them. We do not disconnect or reconnect gas, electrical, or plumbing appliances. Please make those arrangements with a certified technician.

Site Conditions:

Please make sure adequate power, light, water, ventilation, and heat, will be available a minimum 24 hours before, constantly during, and after installation. Please consult with your sales representative and flooring warranty information for guidelines on what proper etiquette will mean for your new flooring choice.

Floor Removal:

Floor removal may present challenges that were not previously visible such as deteriorated or damaged concrete, underlayment, plywood, additional layers of flooring products, etc. Such conditions may result in a delay in installation of your new flooring. If this occurs, you will be notified before we continue with the job as additional charges may be incurred. Floors Plus will not be responsible for problems that arise from poor sub-floors, concrete, loose sub-floors, squeaky floors, or other damage. All issues are beyond the control of Floors Plus, and if not corrected at the time of installation, could void the warranty for your flooring materials and labour.

Colour Variation:

All products may vary from the sample and the ordered lot of stock. For example, both natural stone and wood products always vary in colour and veining from tile to tile. This is uncontrollable as they are naturally occurring products. With some tile and stone, grout lines may be irregular due to the shape of the product.

Expansion and Contraction:

Wood (and wood-based products, such as laminate) will expand and contract with the humidity levels in your home. Please review the Floors Plus wood care and maintenance manual and provide your signed acknowledgement to your sales representative. In addition, loose lay and perimeter glue vinyl products will also expand and contract.


Some installation types, such as wood and tile, require the use of power tools. This could result in a substantial amount of noise, and under certain circumstances some dust. Your installer will take all steps necessary to reduce these as much as possible.


Floors Plus installers will remove toilets, so please ensure that you and your sales rep have planned for it should this be required. Floors Plus will not be responsible for any leaks or damage that occurs to, or because of the toilet before or after removal.

Final Inspections:

The installer will make a post-installation inspection with you to ensure your satisfaction. Any concerns regarding the installation should be expressed to the installer at this time. Any defects will be considered unreasonable when easily viewable from a standing or sitting position as defined by the type of room.

For more information about our installation processes and procedures, please speak with one of our sales consultants.

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