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5 Flooring Interior Design Trends for 2023

If you're looking to remodel your floors, it’s worth paying attention to current trends. Every few years, flooring trends change as society develops new tastes and technology allows for a wider variety of flooring options. We’ve put together some of the most popular flooring trends that we are seeing to kick off the new year.

1. Bleached, Blanched, and Whitewashed Floors

Pale, light-coloured floors have been in style for a long time now. They are versatile enough to suit almost any design style, from minimalism to modern farmhouse. These floors are perfect for any space.

When it comes to bleached and blanched floors, think pale pine or bleached oak. This is the floor you would expect to see when walking into a Scandinavian home. It's light and makes any space feel larger, making it perfect in any room. If you need kitchen flooring ideas, look no further than bleached and blanched floors.

Whitewashed floors are a bit different. These have that classic ‘cottage’ vibe. This is the floor you would expect to see when walking into an ocean retreat, full of white furniture and blue décor accents.

These pale, dull floors are the perfect option for anybody who is not into deep, dark, shiny hardwood. The best part is - pale floors are not a fad. They have been around for ages - and are by no means an obscure design choice. Rest assured, you will love your floors for many years to come if you go with bleached, blanched, and whitewashed flooring.

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2. Intricate Flooring Patterns

2022 was a massive year for chevron and herringbone floors, and we don’t expect this to change at all in 2023. Herringbone floors are beautiful and timeless. It’s no surprise that this centuries-old floor design is making a comeback. In many parts of the world, it never left. If you walk into a Paris apartment, you will likely find a beautiful herringbone or chevon floor pattern.

What is the difference between herringbone and chevon floors? Although very similar, there is a distinct difference. Herringbone uses the complete rectangular plank in a zig-zag pattern, whereas chevon flooring cuts the plank-ends at a 45-degree angle so the ends can meet at an exact point.

One thing to keep in mind when planning a unique floor pattern is the price increases in both labour and materials. The installation requires about 30% more time than the standard parallel plank pattern. The waste also increases from the normal 5% to upwards of 20-30%, so you’ll need to buy more wood or tile. Homeowners claim it's worth the price tag as it raises their home's value by adding unique style and strength to the spaces where it's used.

We recommend:

3. Black & White Tiles

Mosaics, basketweaves, geometric, checkerboards, floral, and more. Black and white tiles are bold, graphic, luxurious, and trending right now.

Tile comes in many sizes, shapes, and patterns. Lately, homeowners and designers have been expanding from the traditional square grid look to more complex patterns that include hexagons, herringbone, chevrons, and more. The variety of shapes makes the patterns and opportunities for creative designs endless.

Typically, when you think of black and white tile, the first space you think of is the bathroom flooring. Tiles and bathrooms are a perfect match as they are resilient, waterproof, and clean up easily. But tile can be used in all areas of the home. A notable trend this year: the black and white tile entryway. Both fashionable and functional, a black and white tile foyer is easy to clean, can handle high traffic, hide footprints and scuffs, and create a stunning first impression when entering the home.

Although it may be becoming more popular again as of late, black and white designs are as timeless as it gets when it comes to tile floors.

We recommend:

4. Fumed / Smoked Floors

Fumed floors (sometimes referred to as smoked floors) typically have a dark look while highlighting the grain. The process, which was an accidental discovery resulting from ammonia fuming over 100 years ago, creates a stunning floor without the need for sanding & staining.

These floors bring out the natural beauty of the wood. When laid, it gives the room a unique look due to the different colour variations and contrasts between each plank. Whether you are going for a rustic country home or a brutalist minimal loft, this is the floor for you.

Fumed flooring incorporates character and texture into your space. Enhance the depth of your interior spaces while creating an authentic and natural feel. Enter 2023 with a bold, smoked floor that is unique in every way.

We recommend:

5. Luxury Vinyl (Plank LVP and Tile LVT)

For many years, the drawback of vinyl flooring was the lack of authenticity. Today, the technology has come to the point where the wood patterns, colouring, and details of luxury vinyl plank (also known as vinyl plank flooring) are hard to distinguish from the real thing. Not to be confused with laminate flooring, LVP looks like hardwood and feels like it too. In some cases, the texture is designed to mimic their natural counterparts and does so extremely well.

Luxury vinyl is highly durable and hardwearing. It has built-in scratch and stain guards that can hold up to all your daily wear and tear. It's designed with advanced technology to handle the highs and lows of everyday life. It's also an easy choice for people with pets or kids because of the waterproof features and ease of cleaning. You can use most detergents and soaps without the risk of damaging the finish.

When it comes to specific rooms, such as kitchen flooring design, vinyl floor tiles or plank are the perfect choice. Luxury vinyl is more robust than hardwood in almost every way at a fraction of the cost. It can save buyers up to 75% on materials when compared to its hardwood counterpart. On top of that, of all the do-it-yourself flooring options, luxury vinyl is one of the simplest to install. It snaps together, requires no bonding to the subfloor, and is easy to cut.

2022 was the year that designers and homeowners embraced the benefits of luxury vinyl and set aside any preconceived notions. It only makes sense that in 2023, vinyl flooring will continue to grow in popularity.

We recommend:

  • Evia
  • Coronado
  • Danflor California Cream (see in showroom)
  • Danflor Beach Sand (see in showroom)

Final Thoughts

These are some of our recommendations for flooring trends in 2023 if you plan on remodelling this coming year. If you have questions about flooring or need advice on your project, please contact us, as we would be happy to assist you. Our flooring stores are located in multiple locations. You can find quality flooring at Floors Plus in Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro, and Dieppe (Moncton).

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