The multipurpose accessory!

Rugs have a variety of purposes. They can bring together your décor, act as a focal point, define a conversational area or simply be used for warmth on an otherwise cold surface.

Whatever your need, an area rug is sure to fill it. With a variety of styles, colours, fabric, and sizes, Floors Plus is sure to have the right area rug to suit your personality and express your individuality.

Area Rugs
Information provided by the World Floor Covering Association.
Area Rug Suppliers

General Maintenance

To prolong the life of your area rug a few simple steps should be followed:
  • Vacuum your area rug on a regular basis (once a week) to remove any dirt particles that can wear down the pile fibres and make sure to check that it is beater bar safe.
  • Turn your area rug periodically to ensure even exposure to UV sunlight and wear.
  • A non-slip underlay will not only help to keep your rug in place but it will also add softness underfoot, help to reduce premature wear, pile crushing and soiling. You will also prevent wrinkling, creeping and slipping which could be dangerous.
Specific Maintenance

Area Rug Maintenance (PDF, 64KB)

Accessories For Your Area Rug

  • Rug Gripper – This will keep your rug in place and avoid it from sliding out from underfoot. Sold in all Floors Plus locations.
  • Furniture Gliders/Cups – Reduce indentations by placing either of these on/under the legs of furniture.

Absolutely!  We have a binding company on hand that will bind a piece of your existing carpet, or one that you pick out from any of our locations to make the rug of your choice.  With this option, size, shape, style and colour have endless possibilities.
Yes! It’s a wonderful way to pull together a conversation grouping, a focal point or protect the carpet. There are special rug pads you can use that help keep the area rug from bunching over carpet.  Make sure it’s color safe as well, the last thing you need is to have the dye run onto your white wall-to-wall carpet.
They work just the same as carpet!  But remember, the busier the pattern, the more dirt and wear that’s hidden, so rooms with high foot traffic do best with area rugs with heavier patterns.
No, but they need to coordinate.  If you’re going to use two or more different patterns, they need to have something in common, such as a common or coordinating colour.
Absolutely! The more the merrier! Use area rugs in different sizes for contrast, using two or more rugs of the same size may make the rugs look competing rather than complimenting.
It depends what you would like the rug to do for the room. If you have a focal point within the room, such as a fireplace, consider an all over pattern so it doesn’t compete for attention. If you plan on having the rug define a focal point, such as a conversation area, an area rug with a central medallion, such as a Persian rug, will help it become the focus of the room.
No, they don’t need to be the same colour, nor do they need to match perfectly. What you do want to do is have at least one colour that coordinates with other design elements in the room. Try a pattern that has several colours, if the rug’s colours have one that coordinates with the couch, one that coordinates with the walls and one that coordinates with the window treatments, it really pulls together the room and helps relate all the furnishings and colours for a more fluid design.